There’s something about Land Rovers

There’s something about Land Rovers. 

First of all they’re big and tank-like. As all-wheel drive vehicles with locking differentials and a low-gear option, they’re designed to be taken places normal vehicles aren’t supposed to go. With heated leather-seats, engineered sound systems, multiple sunroofs and as quoted in the manual contain a “cigar holder” above the ashtray, they’re luxurious.

Rovers are for professional adults that enjoy excursions on the “country-side” while also catering to the child within every driver. At price points in the forty, fifty and sixty thousand dollar range for new Land Rovers they are marketed for the world’s elite.

What if you don’t pull in six figures a year, but still want to feel the intrepid panache that comes along with rover ownership?

There is an answer and yes dreams do come true.

Most used pre-2004 Land Rover’s, in all their mechanically dysfunctional glory are affordable to the common man (or woman). Check craigslist, if you’re in Maine check Uncle Henry’s. I can guarantee you there is a Rover out there for you less than $5,000 US.

The caveat? Unless you’re ready for a monthly, direct deposit payment plan set up for your mechanic, it helps to know a few things about fixing and maintaining cars. Or at the very least, the courage to get grease-covered busted-knuckles, make a few mistakes and a DIY attitude.

In my opinion, if you take the headache and heartache that comes with used rover ownership and learn to love it, the pain is worth the glory.


Brian Feulner

About Brian Feulner

Brian Feulner is the visual editor at the Bangor Daily News and a photographer in the state of Maine. Feulner frequently freelances for a variety of publications and companies and operates Feulner Studio and Gallery in Bangor.