The List

This is a list of everything I’d like fixed or added to my Land Rover in no particular order. As I tweak and tinker I’ll blog about the process, link to the items and check them off as I go. I’m no expert, but DIY is the goal. The easy way out is a mechanic, but that wouldn’t be much fun now would it?


  • New plugs
  • Air Filter
  • Oil
  • Service light
  • Check engine light
  • Air Freshener (Previous owner was a smoker.)
  • Fix the engine noise when I step on the gas. ( exhaust leak?)
  • De-code the stock radio
  • Fix the radio
  • Add a spare tire holder
  • Protect the frame from future rust
  • Adjust the emergency brake
  • Replace locking gas cover
  • Repair the rear sunroof seal
  • Repair the rear sunroof motor
  • Find red body paint and spray the scratches
  • Check the disc brakes
  • Replace the disc brakes
  • Fix the loose connection on the right turn signal
  • Fix the passenger-side rear dent
  • Replace the rear bumper
  • Add a ladder
  • Add a jungle rack
  • Get high quality off road shocks
  • Add a snorkel

( This post will now be listed as a separate page, any further updates to The List will be located there.)

Brian Feulner

About Brian Feulner

As a visuals editor and photographer that loves outdoors recreation, Brian Feulner has made Maine home. Feulner makes his way to favorite outdoor locales by way of a 1998 cherry red Land Rover Discovery. Although, with a rover that has nearly 180,000 miles, getting there can be half the battle. Red Rover is a blog for Land Rover news, gear and the trials and tribulations of Landy ownership.