Race the Sun: 2014 Range Rover campaign

According to a September article in AdWeek, Land Rover is making big strides in their ads for the new 2014 Range Rover Sport. Not only do they use a red Range Rover, they also shot a couple of their scenes from “Race the Sun” in what looks like over ***Donner Lake in Lake Tahoe, a favorite climbing spot of mine. A thread on landroverforums.com makes me think they did a quite a bit of shooting there for their 2014 models.

Check out the video below and go to Land Rover’s YouTube channel to play the game. “If you’ve ever wanted to Race the Sun, here’s a chance to make your move.” is the tagline and the epitome of cool.  


*** This post originally reported the body of water as Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, it has been updated to Donner Lake, which appears to be more accurate from the photo. Luckily, Donner summit is also another favorite climbing spot of mine.

Brian Feulner

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