Oil Change -1998 Land Rover Discovery 1


Yeah ok, it’s “just” an oil change. Something most of us learned while they were helping dear ol’ dad out in the garage on a Sunday afternoon.

When it comes to Land Rover vocabulary, the word “just” doesn’t exist… at least as an adverb.

– Oil  – 6.5 quarts of 10w-30 (1998 Land Rover Discovery 1) –

The Disco manual recommends 6.5 quarts of 10w-30. In colder environments like winter in Maine, 5w-30 will have a more suitable viscosity. The Society of Automotive Engineers has come up with a rating system 0 – 60 based off of thickness. 0-25 usually has a W next to it in the name. The W stands for “Winter” and once you pass 25 on the grading system they drop the W and not recommended for winter use.

So why the second number in “10w-30”?

Simple, it’s a multigrade oil that’s passed the viscosity grade requirement for both 10W and 30.

– Oil Filter  (1998 Land Rover Discovery 1) –

Old Oil Filter

Oil Filters help to remove contaminants from engine oil. Back in the early day before filtration systems auto drivers would have to change their oil frequently because they would get an accumulation of sediments and other nasty engine-hating gunk.

Fram  – XG16 – TG16 – HM16 (High Mileage) – PH16
Bosch – 72253WS
STP    – S16 

– Changing the oil ( Use a 1-1/8″ socket for the oil plug) – 

First remove the oil plug and drain your oil into an oil pan. Like everything else on a Rover, the oil plug is larger than most vehicles. A 1-1/8 socket will do just fine. Be careful not to remove the copper ring washer on the drain hole.

1-1/8″ drain plug

Let her drain.

Remove the oil filter with an oil filter wrench. (When you buy the wrench try it out on a filter at the store to make sure the wrench fits properly. You don’t want to buy one that’s too small after all.)

Add about 2/3 of oil to your new oil filter and lube the rubber seal with oil. This will keep the oil pump from starting dry when you start the Rover up for the first time after your change and keep the seal from drying out. Screw it on, righty tighty.

Replace your Oil Plug, make it snug and don’t over tighten.

Add your 6.5 quarts of oil. (More or less depending on your engine.)

After you start it up, take it to your favorite off-road spot and drive recklessly, I hear that helps the oil soak in : )



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