Tata Motors reporting 71% net profit surge

Image by Land Rover

According to a press release on Friday by Jaguar Land Rover, the company saw a retail sales increase in the quarter to 21% from the previous year. Also on Friday Tata motors released a report claiming a whopping consolidated profit increase of 71% from the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Tata claims that although sales at their home base in India have been weak, the increase in wholesale volumes at Jaguar Land Rover have more than made up for India’s slow market.

“Our unrelenting focus on design, technology, innovation and quality has seen Jaguar Land Rover reach global consumers in more markets than ever before thanks to its most engaging product line-up.” said Jaguar Land Rover Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Ralf Speth in the release.   

Land Rover claims that the “new and refreshed” Jaguar and Land Rover line up including the Range Rover Sport are at the core of the increase. 

I’m sure the efforts of their 2014 advertising campaign also has something to do with it. While visiting in Quebec City recently, I saw several brand new Land Rover Evoques all over the city. In Bangor, Maine however I’m still seeing the traditional stock of older Discos and Range Rovers intermixed with some mid to late 2000 Range Rovers. A trip to Scarborough or Boston would probably reveal some of the newer Sports.

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