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I saw this on facebook today. What is with bright red 4x4s this year? I’m wondering if Jeep took a lesson in Range Rover’s ad success and decided to mirror their campaign. 

The new Cherokee Trailhawk is boasting a 9-speed auto transmission, one more than the RRS and is shown here with a sporty duotone hood. The ground clearance on the Trailhawk is 8.8″ whereas a RRS is adjustable to 11.2″. A big difference is in horsepower where the RRS V6 is boasting 340 hp and the Trailhawk v6 is at 271.

To be fair we should probably look at the Cherokee SRT8’s V8 which is a beast of car claiming 470 hp vs the Supercharged V8 in the RRS  which 510 hp.

As a US resident and lover of my home country I will always be a fan of Jeep. I’ve owned three in my life and learned to drive on my father’s old CJ 5 on the logging roads near my home in upstate NY. But it just doesn’t have the same character as a Land Rover sauntering into the backwoods.

In a test off-road, I’m putting my money on the Range Rover.


Brian Feulner

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