My door won’t shut! Thank god for seat belts.

“You didn’t buy a car, you bought an erector set without any instructions.” – John Holyoke.

After coming back from a photo assignment, I threw my gear in the back of the Rover and the door wouldn’t shut. The locking mechanism is already locked in the correct position. Which, unlike the common problem of the switch being placed in the upright position, it’s not snapping on the lock bolt when I shut the door.

In the mean time I placed a seatbelt through the arm rest, ridiculous I know.

Looks like I’ll be taking the door apart tonight. Fortunately it’s also the door with the window that isn’t working. This way I can kill two birds with one stone.


Brian Feulner

About Brian Feulner

Brian Feulner is the visual editor at the Bangor Daily News and a photographer in the state of Maine. Feulner frequently freelances for a variety of publications and companies and operates Feulner Studio and Gallery in Bangor.