Stuck in my driveway

So the coined phrase it’s “never over in a rover” was proven wrong yesterday when I got stuck in my driveway. After a foot of snow mixed with sleet dumped in Bangor and my muscle driven snow plow, my shovel, had run out of steam I decided to trudge through my driveway in the Rover.

First I clamored through the heavy snow to loosen it up for shoveling later. Driving in and out of my driveway must have looked pretty funny to my neighbors. I pulled back into the garage with every bit of confidence that I would find my way to the street with ease.


After a shower, coffee and some breakfast, I hopped into the Red Rover. I reached the end of the drive, and to no avail, I was stuck.

I popped her into low gear with the locking differentials on.

Still stuck.

I started rocking my poor determined Landy back and forth to squeeze out. But, with defeat looming I hopped out and began shoveling.

Passerby’s gave me the “What the hell is that guy doing?” look as they walked down the snow covered road.

Soon, my wife Natalie came out and attempted to give the 5,000 lb beast a push.

Still no movement.

Finally, after some more shoveling, and rocking and pushing I was freed. I was relieved, and then realized I was headed to work.

At my office desk, as I was answering emails and taking calls I looked out at the blustery winter scape and realized… I would much rather be out there, still stuck in my Rover.


Brian Feulner

About Brian Feulner

As a visuals editor and photographer that loves outdoors recreation, Brian Feulner has made Maine home. Feulner makes his way to favorite outdoor locales by way of a 1998 cherry red Land Rover Discovery. Although, with a rover that has nearly 180,000 miles, getting there can be half the battle. Red Rover is a blog for Land Rover news, gear and the trials and tribulations of Landy ownership.