Flood zone

While out on assignment to cover some of the flooding around Maine I made a short video of driving the Red Rover through a flooded road near Pushaw Lake. There were several vehicles parked at the entrance of the flood zone, but only a brave few that made the crossing.

“It’s a good way to get the salt of your car.” said Bob Spencer, a Pushaw Lake camp owner who crossed the flood zone in his pick-up truck. Spencer was checking on his camp and concerned about the potential damages to his property and dock.

Poplar Street was cut off due to flooding near Pushaw Lake.

A truck drives through a flooded area of Poplar Street near Pushaw Lake after the spring melt in Maine caused flooding across the state in April 2014. Brian Feulner | BDN

Brian Feulner

About Brian Feulner

Brian Feulner is the visual editor at the Bangor Daily News and a photographer in the state of Maine. Feulner frequently freelances for a variety of publications and companies and operates Feulner Studio and Gallery in Bangor.